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Social Work Coaching

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Social Working Coaching Available with Shaun Douglas

Shaun Douglas one of our experienced social work trainers is now available for individual coaching sessions. 

The social work profession can often be very demanding due to high caseloads, supporting service users with complex needs, and a lack of productive support from management.

A social work coach can help you navigate the challenging role of social work. You will have dedicated space to talk about your feelings, reflections, goals and your current workload.


Perhaps you feel stuck in your current social work role or career pathway. You may be experiencing feelings of being unfulfilled, you can’t support service users the way to want to.

Perhaps you are returning to social work and need someone to talk to assist you through the process and benefit from reflective supervision sessions. Or you may be a social work student dealing with essay deadlines or a challenging placement and need someone to talk to for help and guidance.   

What ever you want to work on, career, business, relationship, self-development, living a happier life, more confidence, self-worth, combat loneliness, weight loss, how to manage stress.

Whatever you want to work on and achieve we can do it, our coaching is personalised to you.


I am a specialist in coaching social work practitioners to manage stressful and emotionally demanding work environments.

I offer you the chance to invest in your personal and professional development so that you can avoid the downward slope of burnout and head instead towards a positive and resilient mindset and a rewarding social work career.

Spending time coaching with me will lay great foundations for:

Knowing what to do to feel engaged and purposeful at work

Holding onto a sense of your valued goals in spite of distraction and overwhelm

Being an attentive and wise colleague and leader. 

How to use social work theories to improve practice.


Key Things to Know About Me

Experienced social work practitioner, management and quality assurance roles in childrens and adults.

Social work CPD accredited trainer.

Experienced Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inspector

Experienced fostering consultant and panel chair

First-hand experience of fast-paced, highly charged and challenging situations

Packages - All sessions are held virtually 

4 sessions - £420 - monthly payment plans available 

6 sessions - £520 - monthly payment plans available 

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